Find buyers in Russia more easily

Volga Trader supplies interim management resources so that you can find customers in Russia without diverting your existing team from their current tasks or hiring new employees.

Volga Trader already has the processes, specialist skills and knowledge to assist exporters to find importers. We will handle the project until everything is in place and working.

Former trading house in St Petersburg.
Site of Trading House in pre-revolutionary St Petersburg.

Qualified customer call lists

Tested processes

Clients for service suppliers

Volga Trader has a unique database management system that turns import data from the Russian Customs Service (to which we subscribe) into usable information. No one else can do this the way we do.

We can analyse every shipment made to Russia in a year for a given HS Code. This means lists of potential importers of your products and information about your competitors including importers buying their goods, shipment quantity and import prices at customs value. Whatever your industry we can find all importers of products declared to the customs service.

This data gives us a comprehensive call list that we can use to set appointments for your sales team. We use an experienced B2B Call Centre to make these calls.

You do not have to start from scratch to address the Russian market. We have the knowledge, skills and people ready for you.

Market analysis and appointment setting is a necessary preparation for many core business development activities in Russia. For example:

  • Initial appointment setting
  • Making sure the right potential customers visit your trade show stand
  • Due diligence on potential customers such as other foreign suppliers, tax accounts, judgements and so forth.
  • Support to manage  Customs processes, Declarations of Conformity, Certification,  and other potential barriers to trade such as sanctions.
  • Indications as to what to expect by way of promotional activity from your partners.
  • Short term in country product management to get sales moving.
  • A culturally sensitive audit  of performance of existing distribution channel partners when things seem to be going wrong. Sometimes it needs a third party to see the communication block.
View of Moscow Citi, the financial hub of Russia.
Moscow Citi, a huge new development, also known as Moscow International Business Centre, a place for Russia's service industries to concentrate.

Volga Trader are full spectrum marketing consultants. If your target markets are not imports or exporters of goods but users of services then we have access to the Russian tax databases and about 20 other databases that provide  information on your potential clients.

So again we can build a highly qualified call list which will allow our Call Centre to open the sales process with your target market.