Customer Refocus

Since 1994, Customer Refocus has been helping clients ranging from major international research instititutions to SME's to turn technologically based innovations into profitable businesses.  We offer support in the areas of:

Developing business processes to support innovation

  • Audit your firm's New Product systems.
  • Re-engineer Product Marketing and Product Development processes.
  • Train your teams in R&D Project Management and New Product Marketing processes.

Technology evaluation and funding

  • Review of patents and  portfolios for market potential.
  • Identifying and sizing potential markets for proposed products and services.
  • Find licencees for underexploited technologies
  • Search for new technologies and new production resources.
  • Identify potential partners for funded cooperations
  • Planning fundraising.

Market research, strategy development and implementation

  • Conduct Market Research
  • Identify channel strategies including acquisition opportunities
  • Develop Sales Plans
  • Sales implementation
  • Develop cold calling lists
  • Carry out initial Business Development
  • Act as a temporary Sales Agency for early implementation