Business support in Russia

How to sell, invest or source goods and services in Russia

You are a seller or buyer of goods or services, perhaps an industry participant looking for a way in via an acquistion or direct investment. Your question is: How to find a partner in Russia? Work with us! Volga Trader ‘s team is strong in sales and marketing. We can provide you with the extra capacity you will need to break into a new market by building a sales channel or due diligence on acquisition targets and potential supplies. Volga Trader has been working in the field on these issues since 1994.

Our strength is our processes. For example we can extract every shipment into or out of Russia by HS Code with Date, Goods, Quantity and Invoice Value. Not just this. We have our own unique database management systems to turn all those masses of data in Russian into useable information.

Our main services are summarized below. Follow the links for more details and then Contact Us using the button at the bottom of every page.

We have clients in the UK, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE, across the European Union, New Zealand, Brazil and the USA in a wide variety of industries.

Our  Advice Centre is a blog that publishes notes about the basics of international trade and the Russian business environment a few times a year. You may find it helpful in helping you to plan your venture in Russia.

View of Moscow Citi, the financial hub of Russia.
Moscow Citi. A major new business centre in Moscow. A place to find buyers, sellers and investors among the tallest buildings in Europe.

Find buyers and start sales in Russia without major commitments. ​You don’t need to overstretch your existing sales staff. You don’t need to recruit someone to manage Russian importers before there is secure revenue.

Are you already dealing with a importer, distributor or wholesaler in Russia? Is their performance matching the market potential? Volga Trader can discover the facts for you.

We can also provide a culturally sensitive go-between to explore opportunities for improvement when communication has become difficult.

For a larger firm, current combinations of exchange rates, interest rates and industrial policy, mean that buying a business usually gives the best return on entering the market.
​You may be buying an importer, distributor (not always the same as an importer in Russia), wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer. We can help you find prospective targets for acquisition. Some of our associates have substantial lists of businesses for sale or we can analyse the sector and identify potential acquisition targets.

If you want to set up a greenfield operation, we can put together the resources to do that too.

For a decade, the high price of oil pushed the Russian Rouble to a very high value. In 2014 with the collapse of the oil price, the rouble also fell. It has not recovered. This means that Russian goods and services are very competitively priced.

Russia has particular strengths in raw materials, agricultural goods, semi processed metals and chemicals, clothing and engineering other than electronics. In the service sector, Russia is strong in computer programming.

Everyone knows of Russian ballet. The creative sector is bigger than that. For example, Russian animation is world leading. Children’s animation, Masha and the Bear, has had just under 4.5 Bn views on You Tube for an English language episode and is the 5th most popular children’s video of all time. In 4th place is Miroshka TV ‘s video “Eggs on a Farm” with just over 4.5 Bn views. Russia also retains an independent cinema film industry capable of delivering block busters.